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Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

I know that I am quite calm in a crisis. Part of my training as an Intentional Interim Minister means that I should be that still small voice in the times of a crisis. I am fairly good at having developed in advance a plan "B" or a plan "C" so when something goes off the rails, all is not lost. I don't usually dwell on how I hope things could have gone and readily accept that things will go forward in the way that they do whether it is to my plan or another way. Although I like things planned out, I don't panic when plans go astray. So in my work life, I find that advanced planning and flexibility cut down on a lot of stress. My mode of being also helps to alleviate stress at home. Don't sweat the small stuff serves me well there as well.

But sometimes stress does come either at work or at home that we don't handle well. For me, this happened when we found out rather suddenly that we would have to move back to Canada. There was little time for planning and many, many things to do in a short bit of time. We worked well as a team at home getting things done, but it was an awful time. My good coping skills meant that I looked quite calm and serene on the outside despite the turmoil we were in. But doctors have told me that obviously my body felt the stress of this situation and this probably led to my health crisis this past September. Too much stress was not good for me.

Stress. We all deal with some stress in our lives. Take for instance a seed. A seed relies on proper nutrients in the soil, some rain, some sunlight, and other factors to grow. Too much of anyone thing is detrimental to the growth cycle of the plant. If the seed gets too much rain it will drown. If it gets too much sun it will scorch. If the soil is too acidic or rocky, or whatever, the seed's growth will be effected. Extremes are just not good for the seed. But neither is perfection. A seed that that is mollycuddled won't be that hearty. .A seed that has faced some hardship, will be able to endure a short period of drought. A seed that has never suffered drought will find a short drought more difficult to endure. 


Christmas is a time of stress for some people. Those worried about their weight are tempted by Christmas goodies. The malls are crowded and we are under pressure to buy the perfect gift. The to do lists get full. Christmas can be very stressful. May we find ways to cope with that stress. May it be for us a time of enjoyment and not one that has to be endured.  

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