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On the Edge

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Some years are more memorable than others. Things happen which people just don't forget. If you mention the year 1963, people will think that is the year that John Kennedy died. When you say 1989, people might immediately turn to the fall of the Berlin Wall. When you say 2001, one immediately thinks of 9/11. Certain years get remembered. Other years less so.

In people's personal lives some years are more memorable than others. We might remember when we left home. For those of us lucky enough to get married, we might remember the year we said our vows. If we are lucky enough to be a parent, we might remember when we welcomed the child into our midst. Certain years do stand out.

Other years are remembered less fondly. The year we lost a loved one. The year one lost a job. The year a relationship ended. Yes certain years seem to be worse than others. Also, certain groups of years might be considered good or bad. The four years of high school were not a good time for me. I was not sure who I was, I had a growth spurt that enhanced my natural clumsiness, and just being a teenager is never a great time. The time since 2000 has been generally a very positive time in my life.

2019, has been a mixed year for me. It has had it's highs- trips to New Zealand and Hawaii. It has had its challenges, a quick move back to Canada and health challenges in September and October. It has had its surprises like finding a new, loving congregation that I love and reconnecting with family. It has had its disappointments because division, hatred and racism seem to all be increasing again and I wonder where it will all end.

What will 2020 and the new roaring twenties hold for us? Who knows? In some things there will be dramatic changes. New technologies and advancements in science will change lives. New medical breakthroughs will change lives. In some other spheres, I fear there will be little to no change. In Canada, as in other countries, our political parties will continue to argue with one another and try to convince us to support them because the other party is worse. The poor will still get neglected while the rich get richer. Some people will believe false news and true prophets will be ignored. The future will, like the past, have its highs and lows. In this time, turbulent as it always has been, I am just happy to be along for the ride. Blessings

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