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Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Much was made this week here in Australia, that Senator Pauline Hanson, the always controversial leader of Pauline Hanson's "One Nation" party introduced a motion in the Senate saying that it was OK to be white. Citing, what she felt to be preferential treatment to immigrants, Ms. Hanson wanted to assert that it was still alright to be essentially an Anglo background Australian. This coming from the same person who wanted to stop all Asian migration to Australia previously, and mockingly wore a Ni"Qab into the senate chambers last year.

Normally such motions by One Nation are easily defeated and are put on the side burners of history. But due to a government party mistake, (mistake?) the Coalition senators also supported the motion. That means on the first go round of the vote on this the motion was just narrowly defeated 31-28. After the government had their mistake (mistake?) pointed out to them, a second vote was held and the motion was easily trounced.

In thinking about Ms. Hanson's motion, I have these thoughts. It is indeed ok to be white from Anglo stock just like Ms. Hanson wants. But it is also ok to Aboriginal, Asian, or from a non Christian family. It is ok to be born here or to be born in a foreign land. It's ok to be Christian, and it's ok to be of another faith or of no faith. It's ok to be just like Pauline wants, and it's ok not to be. The fact is, we are all unique individuals bringing with us different talents and skills. And that is ok. What is not ok is to say only people who fit into a certain narrow criteria are ok. And it is definitely not ok to say that only people who fit into a certain narrow criteria are the only ones who belong here. I'm ok with that, what about you Pauline? Blessings 

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