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A blog post about my blog

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Where it began?

I have been blogging now for 7 years. It all began at the last Interim ministry position that I had in Canada. The folks at that church had gone through much grief. Their past two ministers had died. They were going through a building project and were facing great changes. They needed good news and so I began to write a weekly post of good news for the folks. Sometimes it would be stories of hope to get them through the project. Sometimes I would comment on news and world affairs. Sometimes I would affirm their gifts. Anyways my blog meant something to the people. Some said it helped put things in perspective. Some said it helped them deal with their grief.

So I kept writing.

My blog quickly became a part of my ministry. People said they understood a little bit more about me. Some liked what I said in my blog. So long after the grief dissipated I still shared my stories. I found that I enjoyed writing the blog. When I left the congregation I decided to keep blogging- even when I moved country. Some original readers still read my blog, but other new readers now follow me. 

My rules

I have never written my blog claiming to be the official voice of any church or institution. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. However, I realise that I am indeed a minister of a Christian community. Therefore it is important that what I say and post on line does no harm and does not embarrass folks where I work or my family and friends. I hope the world becomes a kinder more loving place. Therefore I try to model that in what I write.

Where I get my ideas?

The answer is everywhere. Maybe it is something I observe in my day to day life. Maybe it is something that is reported on the news. Anything or any topic might be a subject of one of my blogs.

Thus that's why I write what I do. Thanks for reading. If you like my posts feel free to share them. If something I write upsets you please let me know.Blessings

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