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Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

I am back. Yes after a prolonged hiatus, I finally am able to blog again. My break was unexpected. I miss sharing these few words each week. I have missed the chance to maybe inspire, provoke, challenge and encourage. But finally I am able to sit at the keyboard, and plonk out a few thoughts (albeit one handed- my right hand is still not quite cooperative.

In the time I have been away some things have happened. Personally, I have seen my first my first snowfall in over four years. I didn't like it but I survived. A federal election is raging, but I have said little. Because I have moved to a new riding, and have not lived here long enough, I am ineligible to vote this particular election. I will be a very interested bystander this election. There is talk of impeachment down south. Boris Johnson's deadline for Brexit is just 16 days away and no one knows what is going to happen.

These things happened and more. An Elk attacked a woman in a US National Park. Greta Thunberg has taken on all adults calling on us to deal with climate change now. Devastation from climate change continues to hit places like the Bahamas and Japan this autumn. There even was the story of the Houston mattress king, Jim McIngvale who bet $3.5 million that the Astros would win the World Series this year- rather than gambling, I have a number of ideas what good $3.5 million could do for the poor and homeless. All these were issues I might have commented on.

But instead, my body had other plans. Slow down. Take it easy. You have something else to deal with. And so with little choice, my keyboard remained silent despite all of these events. The world continued and things remained in the lovely confused mess that they were before.

Now I am finally able to sketch out my thoughts again. I will begin writing again to provide hope to a troubled world. I will continue to push for peace and for unity. Together we can do much more than we can when we are divided. I will continue to strive for a world where everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Blessings

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