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Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Things seem to be such a mixup these days. It is hard to think of many stable governments around the world. The UK has a minority government embroiled in the mess of Brexit. The US is in the midst of impeachment hearings. In Canada we have just elected a minority government where a huge swath of the country has no voice in the new government and both the prairies and Quebec are again talking about separation and alienation.

I think people's lives are mixed up as well. Almost everyone who you ask talks about two things. One they are so very tired. Two, they talk about being too busy. Even though we have things like computers and modern appliances, we run ourselves ragged with meetings, play dates, socializing, etc. It is no wonder we feel a bit overwhelmed as well.

So how do we deal with this chaos? Well here are a few approaches that I think people could take. One, make a list of the things that need to be fixed. This will be a huge list. It took many people, many years, to create the mess. Don't be overwhelmed by the list. Realize that just as it took many hands to create the mess, it is not possible for you to solve it all by yourself right away.

However, that does not mean you can just sit back and not work on the problem. If everyone does nothing, then the mess will never be cleared. So two, look at the list and see if there is one easy thing that you can do to begin clearing the mess. One easy thing. Doing one easy thing means it is a project that can be done and done well. It will give you a sense of accomplishment. I have done a little bit. Yes the big mess is there but a bit is off the plate.

Hopefully this encourages a couple of things. I solved problem #479, maybe I can take on problem #821 now. And Mary seeing how I solved problem #479, might be encouraged to take on problem #44156. This is how we deal with a big mess. We can't solve them all by ourselves or all at once. But rather we solve the problems just as we they were created- with many hands and bit by bit. Maybe the governments of this day might do well to realize they need the help of others and there are no easy solutions to the problems we have all helped to create. Blessings

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