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Ticking off my list

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Darren’s weekly musings
May 24th -30th
Ticking things off my list

I am sure that many of you know that I am in the midst of big transitions right now. There are lots of things on my to do list: satisfying visa requirements, closing off my work with Asbury and West, Southwest Presbytery, Toronto Conference and the United Church, going through my gathered treasures (ie. junk) that I have accumulated over the years, saying good bye to friends, thinking about starting at a new church, new house, new city, even a new country. It seems like a daunting list, and then you have to add all of the regular things that I do each week and you might wonder how I might possibly get them all done.

All of us have certain points in our lives when things get busier then others. An emergency comes up and suddenly you have to make some changes to a carefully planned out schedule. A few changes to routine later and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

There are a few ways to handle such a situation. One, is that you can have a meltdown. “I can’t handle this. It is just too much.” This method of dealing with too many things does have a few benefits. Suddenly you are not the only one feeling upset. Others feel upset as well. But that is not a good thing. And the amount of work that you have to do does not decrease.

A second way of handling a situation of being overloaded, is to pretend to be superman or superwoman. You try to do so much, tax unknown resources and hoperfully manage to do not a bad job at all. But one can only do this a few times in life. If you pretend to be superman or superwoman too often, you suddenly find that you are all too human. Your body or your mind begin to this overexertion and you begin to show the physical signs of this over use.

The healthy way of dealing with too many things to do, is to do your best to get through it while realizing your limitations. Try to do one task at a time. That way your list slowly gets smaller (I can’t bring world peace today, but I could write that letter to a friend). Know yourself- know when you have to ask for help and understand what you can handle and how much you can handle. Prioritize those things that need to get done today, those things that can be done tomorrow, and those things that can wait until next week. Make sure that items are not permanently stuck on the do next week list. Laugh knowing that the situation will return to what passes for normal soon.

Making my A to Z list, Blessings.
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