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The name game

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Today it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a baby boy. Now all the media can talk about is the name of the child. Some feel that the couple will stick with the traditional names that have been used over the centuries Albert, George, Henry, Charles, Philip. Some hope the child will have a non traditional name (oddsmakers in Britain have Muhammad, Jesus, Ganesha, Kanye, 50cent as long shots for the name). Others really don't care and wonder why such a big deal is being made of this child of privilege (especially when they will never be King).

Names. Our names are very important. I have never really liked my name. Because I am soft spoken, people often mistake my name when I first speak it- Daryl, Jarrod, Jerryn is what they usually hear. Then once they say it right, then they have to spell it right. Is that one r or 2 r's. Is it Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daren, Derrin, Daryn, or one of countless other varieties. I have spent too much explaining my name over the years.

Because of this experience, I realise how important it is to get someone's name right. I am not great with names. Often I make mistakes and need a couple of go rounds to get someone's name right.But I know how important it is to keep trying to get someone's name right.

When remembering names it is important to put aside previous experiences with other people with that name. For instance, a bully in my school was named Alan. One of the kindest people I have ever met was a woman named Eleanor. But that does not mean that all Alan's are bullies and all Eleanor's are compassionate. It just does not work that way. Other people look to the historic meanings of names and feel that the meaning of someone's name describes their character. My name Darren is of Irish heritage and was given to the second royal son so as not to detract from the glory of the first son. I don't think that is what my parents had in mind when they named me.

So I don't think that whatever the royal baby is named will make any difference. The baby will be who they were meant to be despite their name. No matter if it is Prince Valiant, Prince Alexander, or Prince Kanye, this child will be who they were created and nurtured to be. Blessings

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