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The guns fell silent

confessions of a realistic Pollyanna

This past Sunday was the 100th anniversary of the ending of the first World War. The Great War, most terrible war ended after 4 years after it began with millions dead. Then on November 11th at the 11th hour the guns fell silent and the war was ended.

It was to be the war that ended all wars. But since then hundreds of battles have been fought, lives lost or forever changed. We say we have learned from the past. Yet the battles still rage and lives are lost due to hate. We say we remember, yet we forget the lessons that warriors of old have taught us, that war causes pain, destruction and loss.

I have never been called to go to war. Thank goodness. I have never held a gun and have never had to fight an enemy. I am secure because of the efforts of so many others. To them I give thanks and remember.

I share with you a poem that I wrote for the United Church of Canada bulletin cover for Remembrance Day a few years back

A trumpet sounds,

A quiet hush,

Memories of battles lost and won,

Lives for ever changed or too soon snuffed out.

A nation mourns

A loved one cries

Freedom is here, but such a great cost.

A prayer is heard.

A wreath is laid.

Poppies are worn by young and old.


We will remember.



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