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Stop the egging on of violence

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

Last week I commented on the horrible violent attacks in Christchurch. I said that this proved that violence was evil and that not loving your neighbour as yourself was also evil. Nothing could justify such an attack. Violence was never the answer.

Since then we have watched the world pour out its heart to New Zealand and to the Muslim community. Such violence should never happen anywhere, but especially in a place like New Zealand that is so small and isolated from problem spots in the world. Since last Friday, I have watched as people of other faiths have volunteered to stand in front of mosques in order to keep a vigil to make sure worshippers were safe. I have watched as religious leaders from all faiths have come together to pray for peace. I have watched as the community from all walks of life have come together as one.

Then there are those who have made hateful comments. Take for instance far right senator, Fraser Anning. Anning made the statement that the worshippers in the mosque deserved to be killed because they had immigrated here. His remarks were immediately denounced by people around the world. The Australian parliament is proposing a bipartisan motion which would condemn the senator. Statements of hate, which the likes of Senator Anning, are not welcome either.

The story goes on. A 17 year old boy, disgusted by the words of Senator Anning, cracked an egg over the Senator's head. The boy was slapped repeatedly by the senator and immediately tackled by a few of Anning's supporter. For Anning's over reaction and for his hateful words, over one million signed a petition asking for Anning to be removed. The 17 year old boy has been made into a hero. A comic has been drawn about egg boy. Many people smiled about the incident- they felt the Senator got what he deserved.

I have little to no sympathy for Senator Anning. He has said things that disgust me, that enrage me, that appall me. His words incite anger, division, separatism, fear, and violence. His words have no place anywhere in society. But to me, the boy's act of egging the senator, is an act of violence as well. No matter how much one might think that the Senator might deserve such treatment, the egging was a physical assault and so it was a wrongful act. Last week, in my blog, I condemned all violence. If all violence is wrong, then It is wrong to commit violence against anyone: As it was wrong for so many to lose their lives in Christchurch, in Manchester, at Ground Zero due to violence, it is wrong to commit violence against people like Fraser Anning. Otherwise the egg might be on our face. Blessings

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