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Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

I like things that are simple. The few times I have had to build things, I appreciate easy to follow instructions. Instructions that are vague or can be understood in different ways really frustrate me. Instructions which are crystal clear and idiot proof really resonate with me. Also, if the instructions have too many steps or rules, I am more likely to give up. I prefer simple instructions.

I have a friend who likes to tell stories about her life. Several interesting things have happened to her and she loves to entertain her friends by sharing these stories. But over the years, her stories have become less interesting. No it is not because I have heard them before. It's not because I already know the punchlines. It's just that my friend seems to add more descriptions to her story. The story originally was I know a man who did something, this happened to him and these were the consequences. Now the story goes something like this there was a man wearing a green shirt on a Friday, this happened to him as well as that and that, and his consequences were this, that and that. The story has become too detailed and the listeners lose interest. The good points of the story remain, but they have been crowded out by too many details. Simple is best.

It is possible to be too simple in life. When we are we miss nuances, miss clues, others take advantage of us, and when we meet other people we might be surprised that they are more complex than we are. So we can't be too simple.

It is possible for us to be too complex. When we are, we constantly question the motives others. We look for hidden agendas. We try to make things more difficult than they really are. People who are too complicated tend to surround themselves with too many things and overly full agendas. They set too high standards for themselves and others.

I think the best course of action is to walk the middle path. We should strive for simplicity, but not be too simple. We should be able to deal with the complexities of life without making everything too involved. Blessings.

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