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Promoting togetherness in a World full of gaps

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

You, dear readers of my blog, have probably noted that I seem to hammer home a message that we need to work together. No one is better than another. A community of respect begets greater respect in society. Feelings of superiority over others breeds contempt. Everyone is of value. I hope that is what I emphasize each week. It is what I truly believe.

However I realize in our modern world, this feeling of harmony and peace may be a dying sentiment. One need only look to last night's state of the union address. I did not watch it (I'd rather watch paint dry). Much coverage though was given over to the fact that President Trump did not shake House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's hand and that in turn, Pelosi ripped up Trump's speech. It was obvious that neither had any respect for one another.

Children's games teach us about separating others. You know two people are chosen as team captains. They take turns choosing their team mates. We are clearly divided into us and them. Answering the question whose team are we on is very clear as a child. As adults that sharp division lessons. We come to realize that we are not perfect. We come to realize that others not in our groups may have good ideas as well. We begin to see that if we work together your weaknesses might be assisted by my strengthens and vice versa.

That's what the world leaders need to do right now. Yes they have differences. They have egos. They believe that they are right and the other side is wrong. They might not like the leader from the other side. However, our world is facing many challenges right now. No political party has a monopoly on virtue. No party is totally right or totally wrong. But maybe if I share my gifts and foibles with you and others do likewise in return, maybe, we can deal with the issues that are before us. Where I am weak you are strong; where you lack vision, I might see. It is only together that the needs and wants of all people might be met. Blessings.

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