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God's sense of humour

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

I know it happens every so many years or so. Easter is a moveable feast and can be celebrated anywhere from mid to late March to late April. That means the start of Lent can happen anytime come early February until early March. And it just so happens that in non leap years, Valentines Day is forty six days away from Easter Sunday (just like Ash Wednesday is always forty six days away from Easter. So this year, because Easter occurs on April 1st, Ash Wednesday was Valentines Day. It probably won't happen again for a very long time. To me this strikes me as a bit funny. Ash Wednesday, an important day of the Christian year had to compete with Valentines Day an important day to celebrate love. And the religious Easter festival this year not only competes against Easter bunnies and the Royal Easter show but also with those who like practical jokes on April Fools.

Our calendars are very important tools for us. I have my calendar on my phone which synchs to my computer and iPad. I also keep a hard copy book just in case something ever happens with the Cloud. I mark down dates religiously, making sure I don't miss appointments. I feel completely lost without these agendas.

Work places are the same. Work places keep track of hours worked, holiday leave owing, long service leave. Schools do the same. They publish their calendars years in advance. Teachers, students, and parents know when school holidays are and that school opening times are 8 to 3 or whatever. Church also has its own liturgical calendar. I can easily look up when church high holy days occur for thousands of years to come. I also know that presbytery will meet so many times a year and that Synod meets every 18 months.

We become creatures of habit. We go to the optometrist once every two years or so. We see the doctor for a physical once a year. We wake up at generally the same time everyday and go to bed at generally the same time each night. I for one no that I am no good until I have my morning shower. Others need ample caffeine in the morning. Others need to have their morning jog.

Well this year it's like God is saying it does not matter how important our calendars, our routines, our schedules are. You think you have important days coming up- well I show you. Years when Ash Wednesday and Easter have to share the limelight with lesser holidays such as Valentine's Day and April's Fool seem to tell me that we need to remember we are not in control. Someone else is. And that someone at times makes a mockery of our human calendars. God truly has the last laugh. Blessings.

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