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Getting a virus

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

This morning, as I began to write my blog, I got a pop up to update the flash player on my computer. These come time to time and allows me to play videos etc on my computer. As soon as I pressed it however, my handy dandy anti virus programme beeped and I was able to remove the malicious programme before it did any damage to my computer. A small piece of mind for $40 a year.

I know that there are many computer viruses out there. I know that I am a bit safer on a Mac then on a PC, because there are fewer Mac users out there. I know there are nefarious types out there who want to hack into computer systems and grab credit card information and login information. I am also quite certain that some viruses are written by the same people who write computer anti virus protection software. It keeps them in business. And I also know that anti virus programmes are always playing catchup. No matter how quickly they might discover and update their software, criminals are always one step ahead with a new virus. At some point, every computer is at risk no matter how well it is protected.

The same is true with human viruses. We all do our best to minimise the risk of catching diseases. We get vaccinated against things like polio and small pox. Some get a flu shot- others do not. We wash our hands frequently. We try to avoid a co-worker who is coughing and sneezing. And when we are unwell, we hopefully have enough common sense to stay home and not share our germs with others. Yet even with all of these precautions, every once in a while we come down with a bad cold or maybe the flu. It is the risk we pay for being connected with others. No matter how well we think we have protected ourselves, we can never be fully safe from germs.

Nothing can protect us fully. A computer anti-virus programme can only catch so much. It is bound to miss something at some point or the other. Trying to protect ourselves from the cold and flu is also only somewhat effective. But I don't think this gives us permission to throw caution to the wind and disregard those things that seek to protect us from disease. Washing our hands is not fully effective in preventing disease, but some people might not contract a cold because of their superior hygiene. Not every computer anti virus programme is completely effective 100% of the time, but like today, I know my anti-virus programme found and sorted out a virus before any damage was done. Keep healthy. Blessings.

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