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Confessions of a realistic Pollyanna


I try to be very independent. The old saying goes if you want a job done right, you should do it yourself. And that is true in many things. With some things I know the way I like them. Take for instance peanut butter sandwiches. Occasionally I like to eat a peanut butter sandwich. However, I only like to eat the peanut butter sandwiches I make. I find others add too much butter. Or they don't smear the peanut butter on the bread just right- some people do it too uniformly others leave huge gaps of just margarine or just bread. Some put too much PB in a sandwich. Others not quite enough. So I like to make my own peanut butter sandwiches because I know they are right or I know who to blame.
But some things I can't do well. I let others do it for me. Let the pilot fly the plane.  She is trained. Let the surgeon do the cutting. He has the steady hand. For me I am lucky. The things I am interested in I can do a passable job. Civil engineering though and countless other things should be left to the professionals.
There are some things though where I do an ok job with, but with help and consultation with others, I can do a much better jobs. I have come to learn that church council, presbytery, synod/conference meetings can do a lot more when we all work together. Working with others is not always easy but together we can get a lot more done.
This past Sunday I went to a community fair. I was looking for two or three booths to visit. But I was amazed at all of the groups represented. You name it, a group was there for you. Some groups could do very well themselves. The pet fanciers group could have had their own event for instance. But when you realised the pet fanciers, dancers, seniors, singers, volleyball players were there you come to understand that together there is a place for everyone. Together we are strong. Now I am hungry and better get that sandwich.
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