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Confessions of a realistic Pollyanna

I am a person who likes to get involved.  When there is a job to be done, and they are looking for volunteers, I am usually give it serious consideration and if I am able, I put up my hand.  It is not necessarily that I think that I can do the job best.  I have some skills, many limitations.  But I do know that if I volunteer, I will put my full effort behind the work.  I know that by being involved, I will have some ownership in the direction that a group takes.  I know that by being involved, I will meet others who share my interests, others who will stretch my beliefs, others who will help me to grow.  In short, I often say yes, because I like being part of what happens.  
I guess though I am like everyone else.  There are times when I get tired.  Sometimes the old bones seem a bit stiff.  Sometimes I am all to willing to realize my human limitations.  "Let someone else do it."  "I would do it but...", "so and so is much better at that then I am."  Sometimes it is just easier to let someone else do it.  There are times when I just like to step back and let someone else do the work.  There are times when I don't want to get involved.
I think the prophets of the Old Testament were just like that. When they were called, they were all quick to point out that maybe they weren't the best choice.  Jeremiah was much too young.  Moses did not speak very well.  Isaiah was a man of unclean lips.  Those called to be prophets all hoped that God would choose someone else.  Like me sometimes, there are times when the prophets stepped away, when God looked for volunteers.
But this week I saw something amazing.  I have been able to see 6 games of wheelchair basketball at the Parapanam games.  I have watched in amazement as the athletes wheeled their way to the floor.  They had many different physical limitations.  Some had no legs.  An Argentine male basketballer had just one arm.  For many people, these limitations would be an excuse to give up.  God choose someone else.  "I can't because my legs don't work."  "I have lost an arm."  "I can't move like everyone else can."  Many people who face such adversity would wave a flag of surrender.  But not these athletes.  They played a very physical game and proved that there really are no excuses in life.  We all face challenges: time, lack of confidence, stress, family, physical, mental.  We all have reasons to say choose someone else.  But these athletes this week showed me, that we can overcome any obstacle when we are called.  Blessings.  
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