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A Little Kindness

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

It is easy to get down on the world sometimes. We hear of school shootings in the US. We hear of terror attacks in countries around the world. Politicians don't really inspire us all that much. There are problems such as racism and sexism that just don't seem to go away. We know pollution and human activities is poisoning our world. We wonder what kind of world will be left for our children.

Then something good happens. Someone does something heroic. A child sees a problem and with a little bit of help raises thousands of dollars to make a difference. Someone gives an inspiring speech and changes peoples mindsets and actions. With that one little act, our faith in humanity is restored. We see that there are possibilities that goodness might be restored and maybe things will get a little better.

I guess I am one of the fortunate ones. I tend to always look for the goodness in others. I always approach a person as a gift from God rather than fear them. I also know that there have always been problems in the past. I don't look misty eyed at previous centuries or at future centuries and think if only I lived then or could live then, because I know life on this earth was never, and will never be perfect. I know I am called to make the most of my life now and to deal with happiness, with challenges, and with life's detours the best I can. Life's extreme highs and lows can be dealt with much better if we realise that they are anomalies that can't always be repeated. Not every day is going to make me deliriously happy. Not every day is going to bring me to the depths of despair. Yes like all people, I want to live a life of happiness, but I know not everyday is going to be wonderful.

However, all that being said, little things can make our way seem much brighter. Take this past week. We had a lovely time at Draught Discussions this past Monday night. We had a good crowd and lots of laughter was shared and deep conversations were had. The next morning, since I was doing some work at home, I was dressed in t-shirt and shorts. Then the phone rang. Normally I don't pick up the phone if I don't recognise the telephone number, but this time I did. The person on the other line said that they were from Mr. Vitamins and my card had been found at the Oaks Hotel last night. I was to call Ron to get my card back and was given the number. When I phoned the number, it was the Oaks Hotel. Ron came on the line and said that he had my wallet. I had not even realised that my wallet was missing. I said that I would be in soon to pick up my wallet.

I immediately thought that my money and credit cards would be gone. But before I left for the Oaks I checked and not one of my cards had been used. Still I was quite certain that my wallet would be empty. But when I got to the hotel there was my wallet with all of its money, and cards still there. No one had touched any of the contents of my wallet. This tells me that basically people are good. Sure there are some bad apples, but most people are wonderful. I know that the next time something awful happens in the world, and it will, it was one blip among many along life's road.

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